preference points wyWhat Are Preference Points?

A vital key for hunting Wyoming are preference points. Not all areas need a point but they are an absolute must for drawing the most quality areas. Example in 2022 our River Bottom Elk area took 12 points or better to draw this area. The main reason for this, it is a limited quota area making it have fewer tags than other areas. Even a GENERAL elk area takes preference points. In 2022 a General elk tag took 4 points on special to guarantee a license.

How to Get Preference Points

You can purchase preference points for antelope, deer, elk, moose and sheep from July 1 to October 31 of every calendar year through the Wyoming Game and Fish Website.  Starting in 2019 even if you are unsuccessful for the draw you would still have to purchase your preference points (in the years past they would charge you for the point and refund the rest). Each hunter is allowed one point per year per species.

Our Preference Point Assistance Program

In 2010, Tyler Sims Outfitting LLC decided to take it a step further by helping hunters apply for applications and preference points. This program is meant to help hunters, giving them a chance to draw hard to draw areas or draw with a lower price license. Tyler Sims Outfitting LLC will apply for all preference points you have selected during the month of October.  We will charge a $25 application fee, per year, for this process.  Your points will be managed by us. You will be notified by letter every June with how many points you have and what hunts I have available for you.  With this, you will also have priority of scheduling a hunt with us (if you have enough points).

Preference Point Costs

  • Elk $52 per year
  • Deer $41 per year
  • Antelope $31 per year

The Wyoming Game and Fish has a 2.5% Credit Card charge added to all applications.

Benefits of entering into the program

Tyler Sims Outfitting LLC will take the time to manage your points. For $25 per sportsman, per year, we will apply for your Wyoming preference points. We will purchase all points you have selected during the month of October. 

  • In June you will be mailed a letter showing the points you have accumulated.
  • You will have priority of booking a hunt with us.
  • You will have priority for scheduling dates with us.
  • With purchase of preference points your chances of drawing increases significantly.
  • With enough points you can buy the lower price license and save money.
  • Applying for and managing points is all done by Tyler Sims Outfitting LLC.

Download Preference Point Assistance Program Booking Form