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2017 Antelope Hunts


Over the past few months you have read about the high snow pack and the brutal winter that has devastated deer and antelope herds across Wyoming. Many fail to realize that this was ONLY IN WESTERN WYOMING.

Here in Southeast Wyoming, we are sitting on a great snowpack but we did not see the devastating storms that nailed the Western States and Western Wyoming. We are lucky to live in the part of Wyoming where the wind blows all winter long. The wind moves the snow off of the feed that wildlife need during those long winter months.

Currently, we are looking at a record book year for horn growth with the easy spring we have had so far.  Green grass has already covered the plains and the Aspens are starting to pop.  This is a month ahead of schedule.  This early spring will bring unbelievable  horn growth on the Antelope.  We are seeing bucks migrate back into the summer and fall range with horn length already sitting at 13-14 inches with great mass.  This is way ahead of schedule and making it look like it may be a record book year.

We still have a Few Hunts Available

Currently, We only have 4 archery antelope spots left for the upcoming season. These archery hunts have a high success rate on good quality bucks ranging 13-15″ in size.

Rifle Antelope Hunts

We have a few rifle antelope hunts still available for September and October. Please give us a call and see what we have left.