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Book Early for hunts with Tyler Sims Outfitting

With the application deadline of May 31 makes it near impossible for hunters to plan their hunting trips. The best time to start planning for next years hunt is to book a year in advance. For a limited time we are offering next years hunts at last years pricing. So if you are interested in hunting 2019 it is not too late to get started. If you book before August 15 you will get 2018 prices for 2019 and we will pay for your preference point for your 2019 hunt. If you book after August 15 we will still buy your points if booked before October 31.

The key to drawing a tag in Wyoming are preference points.

It will allow you to draw a tag when you want to. Preference points can be purchased from July 1 to October 31. These points will help you be ahead of other hunters who apply last minute. Tyler Sims Outfitting can apply for you with our preference point program that we started in 2009. We offer a 3 and 5 year program where we deduct that money you put into the points from your hunt cost.

Example: In 2018, you apply into our program for a 5 year plan which cost $50 a year so you would send us $250.  Whenever you decide to hunt even if it is 2018 we will deduct the full amount off your hunt. A big question that I have always had is what if I decide to hunt with another outfitter. In this case we will send back the money that we have not purchased points with and you can hunt with them. We have never had a client choose another outfitter but we want to make sure your dream hunt becomes a success.

Planning Ahead

Another reason to start planning ahead is that Tyler Sims Outfitting only takes a limited number of hunts each year and it is a first come first serve on hunting dates. We will only be offering a total of eight mule deer hunts for 2019 so these will sell fast.

Setting Up

Right now we are setting up camps, doing maintenance on lodge, scouting, hanging trail cameras, and next week we will be setting up blinds for archery antelope hunters. It has been hot and dry so far this summer so antelope should be hitting the watering holes strong.