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DEADLINE IS MAY 31, 2017!!! Last chance at the very few openings we have left for 2017:

  • August 25-28, open for 4 Archery Antelope hunters
  • October 22-24, open for 4 rifle antelope hunters
  • October 6-10 for one MULE DEER hunt 1 on 1 hunt.

This year will be one of a kind year with the great moisture and easy winter we have had unlike Western Wyoming.

Archery Antelope

Great hunt to start off the fall. You will see a lot of wildlife like elk and deer going to and from the antelope range. Once you are dropped off you will see groups of antelope hitting the watering holes from daylight to dark. Plan for a 20 to 40 yard shot.

Mule Deer in October

Cancellation hunt: This hunt will be October 6-10. This is the first year since 2011 we get the opportunity to hunt mule deer this late in the Snowy Range. Since 2011, we have limited the number of mule deer hunters we take during the season and with the 5 year recovery we are seeing bucks ranging from 160-190 SCI.

Important to Plan Ahead

Preference Points

The key to drawing Wyoming are preference points. Please take the time to fill out our form and we will take care of them and pay you back once you book a hunt.