Tyler Sims Outfitting Preference Point Program

Have you applied for your elk, deer and antelope preference points? If you are planning a hunt to Wyoming in the future, purchasing preference point is a wise idea.

They are on sale from July 1 to September 30, and the cost per point is: antelope $30, deer $40 and elk $50 and only $10 for youth hunters.

Please take the time to look at our website for out preference point program that I offer. With this program I will pay for your points in the end. How it works is you select a 3 or 5 year program you pay for these points upfront. When you decide to apply for a license we will deduct your point money from your hunt. If you choose to go somewhere else in Wyoming we will refund your money that was not spent on points. Please remember the money we do not refund is money we spent on your points that you can use anywhere in Wyoming.

I have five reasons why preference points are important:

  1. With purchase of preference points your chances of drawing increase significantly
  2. With enough points you can buy the lower price license and save money
  3. Applying and managing your points is done with one form and Tyler Sims Outfitting takes care of them
  4. In the end I will be paying for your increased opportunity to hunt Wyoming
  5. Hunt when you want to, if you accumulate enough points you can draw in hard areas when you want to.

Here at Tyler Sims Outfitting we are always striving to make sure the hunters we apply for draw tags and the key to Western hunting is preference points. Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions.

Here is a link to our points page: Tyler Sims Preference Point Program